The wine retailer
and wine producer

Based in the canton of Grisons in Switzerland, wine retailer von Salis offers its customers a wide range of wine brands from all over the world, spanning over 2,300 wines. The range also includes their own wines, produced from grapes grown in the Grisons region. This makes von Salis both a wine retailer and a winegrower. This positioning was unclear both from an internal and an external perspective.

The wine retailer


The aim of the rebranding was to bring clarity to communications. Ensuring that both aspects of the business could express their full potential called for different communication contexts. Von Salis addresses its customers either as a wine retailer or a winegrower. This approach was also reflected in the design.


First of all, we overhauled the wine retailer’s image. The dynamic logo is either a symbol or a flexible backdrop, depending on the situation. Stories, products and messaging on all things wine are presented against this backdrop. This creates a vibrant image that’s entirely in keeping with the new brand. Von Salis emerges as a pathfinder, partner and expert that can present the world of wine in a simple way. According to the claim, «wine takes center stage».


The new brand exudes joie de vivre and celebrates indulgence and the senses.
The illustrations by Japanese artist Satoshi Hashimoto highlight these positive associations. They provide a visual depiction of the newly defined values and convey them to employees and customers in an appealing way.

Color scheme

The soft and earthy von Salis color scheme consists of five main color groups, each in two different brightness levels. The logo is always used in black or white.


The eye-catching and charming hand-drawn typography is used on various materials, such as business cards and lorry tarpaulins. It is complemented by the spirited serif typeface Domaine Display and sans serif typeface Calibre in the different materials.

Digital presence

The website and online shop were overhauled to upgrade the digital presence. The result is a positive shopping experience and legible overview of wines. And is that a bold wine or one with an elegant finish? The sophisticated search form also allows users to filter results based on their preferences.

The product brand

In Maienfeld, Jenins, Malans and Zizers, in the area of Grisons known as the Bündner Herrschaft, we found the same distinctive decorations appearing again and again, on newer buildings as well as historical ones. These are known as sgraffiti and are part of the region’s architectural culture. The motifs, porches, windows and gable decorations are abstract, e.g. in bands with triangle motifs or circular ornaments. A characteristic sgraffito motif was allocated to each of the four different wine regions and used as a distinguishing basic design component. The categorization of individual wine varietals and pricing groups thus led to simple, authentic graphic compositions. The von Salis wine range thus achieves harmony, even though every bottle is unique.

Classification system

Over 25 wine labels were created with a creative classification system. Each of the three wine classes was categorized using a color, text and symbol combination. Accordingly, each bottle has a unique design, while also forming part of a range.

«Process managed to clearly classify our portfolio structure and communicate the origin of the grapes in an unconventional way. The authentic, inspiring design of the bottles completes the immersive experience for the senses.»

Daniel Hürbi, Managing Director of Salis AG

Simply fine wine and simply open wine

The product identities and names we developed are simple and modern, just like the wines: «simply fine wine» for the somewhat more elaborate, refined wines and «simply open wine» for contemporary house wine. The various font styles are used to symbolize the mixture of grapes, in a playful use of typography – the stripes symbolize the layers of earth that the grapes are grown in.


The composition of the four symbols from the wine regions is a template that offers limitless combinations. This means that different forms of wine packaging can be lined up above and alongside each other, ensuring a harmonious image no matter what the combination.

In this project applied competences:

Brand strategy

Brand positioning


Editorial design


Product design

Corporate design

Digital branding

Motion design

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