One Grobest, One Team

Founded in Taiwan in 1974, Grobest has been a pioneer in the research and development of natural, antibiotic-free feed products for environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture. The continual success has seen Grobest grow into a company of 3500 employees, with offices and operations throughout Southeast Asia, China and India. In 2018, European private equity fund Permira acquired a 50 percent stake in Grobest. Since then, Grobest has utilized the fund’s management expertise to guarantee Grobest continues to be a trailblazer in the production of feeds for shrimp and high-grade warm water species.


Integrating international brand resources to establish a brand new image
In response to the global investment and achieve the goal of “One Grobest, One Team”, Grobest expected to integrate brand resources both internally and externally, and then established a brand new international brand image. Grobest hoped to optimize its CIS and create solid marketing tools without changing the existing logo.

Creating a solid basis of the brand strategy
Through data collection and analysis, distributor and breeder interviews, Process assisted Grobest to create the brand vision, mission, value proposition, positioning, core values and guiding principles in a workshop of “co-creation” style, laying a solid foundation for the brand.

Design drawing inspiration from by the logo symbol
Inspired by the logo symbol of Grobest, the optimized brand identity presented the brand’s endless vitality and sustainable development thinking through the visual effect of extension as well as the motion design of the multi-directional supporting graphics. At the same time, the shape of the letter “G” of Grobest was also used, symbolizing the group’s spirit of co-prosperity, the belief of ongoing motivation, and also strengthening the impression of the brand.

Design applications in accordance with brand identity system
Process also developed a variety of systematic design applications in accordance with brand identity system, such as imagery guideline, PowerPoint template, brochure, poster, e-banner, and website. With the new image, Grobest declared a new milestone and continued to deliver the brand value proposition which is keeping on the right path toward prosperous and sustainable progress for its partners around the globe.


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