A brand for transition


BKW is an international energy and infrastructure company transitioning from state-owned electricity supplier to customer-focused energy service provider. The new BKW is all about reducing complexity, increasing emotion and communicating clearly on an equal footing with its customers.

Complexity made clear
Bold colors breathe life into a highly mechanized world. Complex information is explained using clear illustrations. A unique pictogram style is complemented by hand-drawn sketches that simplify information in a unique way.

A touch of color
The colorful world of BKW consists of three main color groups, each with three different levels of brightness. The orange in the logo is used as an accent color. Each application uses a combination of two of the main colors.

Standalone pictograms
Illustrations depict complex information, facts and themes. They communicate this content in a clear and emotionally appealing way.

People and their needs
The new visuals are moving away from images of electricity infrastructure and now focus less on energy production and more on people. This also highlights BKW’s new role as a service provider.

A clear design for company reports
The top priority was to make the striking design elements and new tone visible and perceptible. Simple illustrations are used to explain complex systems.

«The brand helps BKW position itself as a leading energy and infrastructure service provider. It also gives employees a sense of direction. This will help them breathe life into our values and take our company to the next level.»

Suzanne Thoma CEO BKW

Employee engagement
Employee cooperation is crucial for implementing strategic planning. If employees develop a feel for the brand, they can express it in their day-to-day work. Their involvement ensures that the brand is showcased to the world.

Employer branding
A company’s culture is determined by the people who work there. The employer brand draws on the company’s main branding and shows current and future employees what BKW has to offer. It also supplies the content for BKW’s presence at trade fairs, job advertisements and job profiles via a specially developed communications platform.


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