Process普羅品牌 成都新辦公室落成,為未來動態變化做準備。



Chengdu, a rising star with the great design force, following the Belt and Road policy, the potential of city is conspicuous, and the power is now unblocked. Hereby, in 2019 autumn, with iF Design Center grand launch and invitation, Process, the Swiss leading agency, explores its footprint to the city poised for dynamic change.


成都市政府已設定成為中國“設計中心”的目標,出於這個原因,iF Design在此成立一個設計中心。Process普羅來到成都是為了更接近中國西部的品牌。秉承品牌的專業精神和25年的經驗,我們幫助品牌建立競爭地位和重要的視覺識別系統,為品牌與市場進行有效溝通奠定良好基礎。我們相信,Process普羅的全球視野和在地廣泛的行業實踐將把您的品牌提升到一個新的水平。

The Chengdu government has set a goal to become China’s “design center”. For this reason, iF Design has set up a design center here. Process are here to be closer to the brands in west China. Carrying on the professionalism of branding mythology and 25 year’s experience, we help brands to build the competitive position and the significant visual identity so to found a ground base to be effectively communicate with the market. We believe that our global vision with local practice covering broad industry range will extend your brand unto a new level.