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Process Taipei︱Senior Brand Designer Wanted!

Do you have several years of experience in developing digital and global branding projects?
Do you have the passion to implement complex brand worlds with style?
Would you like to present your creative ideas convincingly to your customers?
Do you want to be part of one of the most renowned international branding agencies in Taipei?

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Tasks / responsibilities  任務 / 職責

Design project management 設計專案管理


–  Responsible for conceiving independent solutions in the field of corporate/brand identity design;
–  負責構思在企業/品牌識別設計領域的獨立解決方案;

–  Deal with the design work in the branding project;
–  處理品牌專案中的設計工作;

–  Management of specific design projects, including the resource/work plan for the project team, participation in budget creation and compliance with the given project budget, management of designers and freelancers, schedule monitoring, ensuring design performance meets the company’s quality standards, as well as the project invoicing and time schedule planning;
–  特定設計專案之管理:包括專案團隊的資源/工作計劃、參與預算創建並遵守給定的專案預算、設計師和自由職業者的管理、時程監控(由設計專案代表制定)、確保設計表現符合公司質量標準,以及專案的收款及時程規劃;

–  The main driver to deal with new topics;
–  處理新主題的主要驅動者;

–  Assist the creative director to select and coordinate freelancers;
–  與創意總監協商選擇和協調自由職業者;

–  According to the characteristics of different projects, customize market analysis and design strategies;
–  依不同專案特性,客製市場分析、設計策略;

–  Improve design know-how and share know-how with colleagues;
–  精進設計技術訣竅和分享技術訣竅給同仁

–  Crisis handling of the design project;
–  設計專案的危機處理;

–  Instruct the designers in the project;
–  指導專案內設計師;

–  Possess the ability of innovative thinking (methodology, workflow optimization);
–  具備創新思維的能力(方法論、工作流程優化);


Business development 商務拓展


–  Maintain customer relationships and develop new business opportunities;
–  維護客戶關係並發展新商機;

–  Propose future development plans and suggestions based on customers’ needs;
–  依據客戶落地需求,提出未來發展計劃與建議;



Skills / experience  技能/經驗

–  Branding design (CI / VI) is the core competence, and able to respond to conceptual and strategic questions;
–  品牌識別設計是核心能力,並確保可回應概念性和策略性的問題;

–  Style competence;
–  展現設計風格的能力;

–  Knowledge of realization or production processes;
–  了解設計落地和製作過程;

–  Knowledge of current software;
–  具有運用當前軟體的知識;

–  Presentation and negotiation skills;
–  具有提案簡報和談判技巧;

–  Leadership skills, ability to work in a team;
–  具有領導能力與團隊合作能力;

–  Language skills: confident Mandarin and good English;
–  語言能力:自信的中文和良好的英文。


Taipei, November 2021