Setting new standards – aesthetic, technical, and functional

h2>The agency sharpened the positioning of air-lux, developed a new brand identity, and conceived a new image including claim and tone of voice, which communicates the brand values creatively, clearly and competently at all touch points.

air-lux is a floor-to-ceiling flush glass facade system with large sliding windows and a patented air-tight concept that was developed and launched in 2004 by the Swiss metal and facade construction company Krapf AG. air-lux windows are planned and manufactured in Engelburg, Switzerland, and assembled and mounted using the company’s own special equipment. 4500 sliding windows have been installed worldwide since 2004.

With its new positioning, an atypical appearance in the industry with a lot of white space and a refreshingly blunt tonality, air-lux creates differentiation from competitors at all touch points and conveys the most important messages clearly and distinctly. The typography reflects the massive robustness of the material as well as the horizontality of the sliding window system. Transparencies are used to achieve a “glass-like effect”.

In this project applied competences:

Brand analysis

Brand identity

Brand positioning

Logo development

Brand design

Communication concept

Digital media

Print media

Trade fairs

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