Space for fresh design

Process redesigned the website of OOS Architects. With surprising, independent zoom images by photographer Noë Flum, business premises are filled with life in a wonderful way.

The core competence of the architecture firm OOS, founded in 2000 and based in the building of the Club Exil, lies in the area of «Corporate Architecture». For the redesign of the website, lived everyday scenes are transferred into architectural working worlds. The image concept is based on interactive zoom images that transfer from a daily human situation into classical architectural photography. An example: A father puts on a helmet for his daughter under the keyword «Space for more security». When zooming out, you can see that you are in the high-security area of the data centers of a large Swiss pharmaceutical company.

The zoom images were created by the photographer Noë Flum and seamlessly integrated into the website implemented with WordPress. The completely redesigned website is based on reduction and focuses on the buildings of OOS as well as personal contact with the employees.


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