HARO makes it naturally beautiful

Hamberger Flooring, one of the leading flooring manufacturers in Europe, lays the foundation for a comprehensive renewal of the Haro brand with a focus on naturally beautiful flooring.

Buying a new floor is a one-time thing for many people. At the right moment, it is important to convince the customers – not only with the price. “Many suppliers have high-quality products in their range. It is therefore difficult for customers to recognise the differences. We have decided to invest in our brand. We want to raise its profile and show everyone who wants to beautify their home how HARO floors enrich their lives,” reports Andreas Merz, Head of Marketing and responsible for the HARO brand.


Consistency in brand management pays off

The cooperation with Process begins in 2020 and thus at a time when many people are more intensively engaged with their living space. Together, the HARO brand is being sharpened and charged with emotions. The new claim “Naturally beautiful flooring” communicates HARO’s core competence on the one hand and expresses the natural attitude to life and the beauty of high-quality products that customers want to surround themselves with on the other.

Because identification with the central brand theme is important. Not only for the buyers, but also for the dealers worldwide who exclusively distribute HARO and contribute decisively to the company’s success. “A strong brand also brings those who sell HARO products forward. It gives them a well-told story that differentiates them from the competition and convinces customers – and ultimately increases sales,” says Michel Gabriel, Consulting Director at Process and responsible for the mandate.


Natural beauty along the customer journey

Over a period of two years, all the building blocks that are part of this new brand story are developed and applied by Process: First, the brand was defined and positioned and then made tangible in the new, modular brand design. A clear, sometimes humorous brand voice gives the communication the typical HARO “twist”. This is followed by redesigns of the packaging, the trade fair presence and shop modules for showrooms and POS, the product range catalogues, sales documents, dealer mailings, truck and building signage. In addition, there are digital applications such as the look for the new HARO Academy, the online training offer for dealers, which is produced in our own studio.


Digital and personal

At the beginning of 2022, an important milestone was reached: the relaunch of haro.com in six languages. Process developed the complete user experience for this, which responds to the needs of customers and focuses on sales via local retailers. The new product finder facilitates the selection and the virtual assistant “Floorentine” provides information on products and services as a first point of contact. “Customers should also experience online that solutions for their individual preferences and wishes can be found at HARO. That’s why we provide them with effective tools such as personalisable catalogues of product favourites,” explains Bruno Manser, Creative Director Digital at Process.

«We are very pleased with the results. We have now created important conditions to lead HARO into the future and create further applications for a customer experience focused on natural beauty.»

Andreas Merz, Head of Marketing

Responsible at HARO: Andreas Merz, Head of Marketing
Agency: Process Zurich

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