Strategy and brand identity for the digital pension provider finpension

Digital pension solutions are a fintech success story. With increasing market dynamics, the importance of the brand is also growing. finpension was initiated in 2015 and specialises in the management and investment of 2nd and 3rd pillar pension assets.

With the updated content orientation and the new brand identity, finpension is entering the next growth cycle from the start-up phase – in particular, the launch of the new 3a securities app should give the brand a boost in the B2C market right from the start. Process and finpension worked closely together to sound out potential and develop the cornerstones of the brand strategy. A sustainable and open brand architecture for a wide range of pension solutions, the mission statement and the central key messages were developed. Pension topics are complex. The new brand design aims to break down barriers and reduce complexity with its clear and simple language of form and colour – confidence-building, fresh and inviting. The Process Zurich design and digital team conceived the entire visual ecosystem. From the wordmark, the favicon, the typography, the icon style, the colour climate, the illustrations to all UI elements for website and app; complementary to this, all design principles for offline media.

Responsible at finpension: Beat Bühlmann (Managing Director), Ivo Blätter (Deputy Managing Director), Philipp Zumbühl (Project Manager), Samuel Berisha (Software Engineer). Agency: Process Zurich


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