«The Fine Art of Drinking» for Al Mulinetto

Al Mulinetto Plakate

Process turned posters for the Ticino winery Al Mulinetto into a work of art, giving the headline «The Fine Art of Drinking» a double meaning.

Connoisseurs would likely describe Al Mulinetto’s specialties as works of art in themselves. The 250-bottle limited edition grappa has won several awards, while the merlot is highly rated. And the producer has already garnered several accolades for the products’ design. So the campaign slogan “The Fine Art of Drinking” is a perfect fit for Al Mulinetto. To reflect it, Process came up with something special, giving young Swiss artists and typographers the chance to design artwork for the posters. The result is three very different works of true artistic merit. They have been on display since November and have also been acquired by Zurich’s Museum of Design for its collection. And the art project isn’t over yet – new artists are already at work on additional pieces.


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Al Mulinetto Plakate