Even stronger together

Process and SNK are joining forces to become the strongest branding and design agency in Switzerland.

Process und SNK, both Leading Swiss Agencies, are moving into the future together as an independent branding and communications agency, strengthening their position both in the market and as an employer attracting top talent.

The two well-known agencies Process and SNK join forces to form the strongest independent branding and design agency in the Swiss market. In mid-July, the SNK team will move to Process on Giesshübelstrasse in Zurich. Both brands will continue to coexist until the end of the year. The two agencies are to merge in January 2020.

Oscar Todeschini and Martin Kessler will take over as Co-CEOs in August. Bruno Manser, Digital Creative Director, will continue to be a member of the management board. In order to complete the management team, a Consulting Director is still being sought. The renowned communications and branding expert Rolf Schläpfer, now a partner of Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Councelors, will serve as the Chairman of the Board. Previous members of the management board Markus Gut, Fabian Bertschinger and Martin Fawer (Process) as well as Daniel Kraft (SNK) are leaving the agencies at their own request, independently of the merger of Process and SNK, in order to reorient themselves professionally.

Joining forces strengthens the independent agency’s position in the market and its attractiveness for clients and as an employer through an expanded field of competence and increased effectiveness. The new organization with offices in Zurich, Shanghai and Taipei employs 34 people and has core competencies in brand strategy, digital branding, brand communications and brand experience. The joint reference list includes renowned companies such as UBS, Phonak, SIX Group, EKZ, Migros, Mövenpick, VBZ and Feller.

Martin Kessler: “We have known the SNK team for many years, and Oscar Todeschini and I have worked together. Although we have been direct competitors for years, our relationship has always been very trusting and characterized by mutual respect for professional competence and the quality of our work. This trust and mutual esteem are now the foundation for our common future.”

Oscar Todeschini: “SNK and Process have undergone a similar transformation – from design agency to comprehensive branding specialist. Together, we will be able to offer clients specific services that are in high demand during digitization, especially in the areas of brand development, brand experience and brand management, faster and better.”

Both Kessler and Todeschini are convinced that in the future, brand management will be even more strongly based on a close partnership between companies, agencies and specialists, and that an agency needs a certain size, an expanded range of services and access to the best specialists in the market in order to be a competent and attractive partner.


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Martin Kessler
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Martin Kessler