A new dress for the boutique pharmaceutical company

The Zurich-based company Galepharm is closing supply gaps in prescription medicines. Process developed the brand strategy and a new, unusual design.

What happens if an important drug is no longer manufactured because it no longer brings enough profit? The Zurich boutique pharmaceutical company Galepharm has specialised in continuing production in such cases so that patients continue to have access to medicines, some of which are essential to life.

Galepharm commissioned the brand experts from Process to capture their corporate values in a brand strategy and to express them in a contemporary design.

The new website and new packaging for the medicines will be rolled out gradually in 2019. The new appearance will be distinguished from the usual by a strong dash of freshness and modernity based on a serious foundation. And this is in line with what Galepharm does elsewhere: reinterpreting the tried and tested according to modern standards.


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